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Gaming and technology advancement has taken on a new look in China. Integrating both online and offline games, the aim is to transform how the “player” experiences the game. One company, in particular, is already making waves: Rokid Co Ltd. In fact, just one year ago, Rokid received a patent award in Silicon Valley for its new AI creation.

Rokid, a Hangzhou-based AI firm, produced an AI addition to the already popular and fun card game, Werewolf. In this game, players use simple reasoning along with a judge’s help to determine which players are villagers and which players are werewolves. Traditionally, the game is played offline with a rotation deciding who the judge is. However, the new AI invention by Rokid allows players a more immersive experience by allowing people to be free to engage in face-to-face interaction and enjoy the game more.

The new AI robot not only serves as the judge for the game, but it also can give instructions and play background music.

The founder and CEO of the company, Misa Zhu, cited a cozy and pleasant environment for gamers and friends as the main advantage of using the new technology.

Jiang Gonglue, the chief designer of the AI robot, stated that he hoped this new technology would allow for gamers and users to return to a time where we would accompany our friends and interact face-to-face. The company plans to continue developing interactive multiplayer social games, such as trivia and music contests.

In fact, AI is being used to not only bring gamers together but also to get them motivated and active. Walkup, an interactive mobile game created by Breeze Co Ltd (a Beijing-based internet firm), integrates offline walking with a virtual world cruise. The premise is quite simple. The further you walk in reality, the further you walk in virtual reality. Each step is calculated within the game and is transferred onto the VR map. For more interaction and competition, the game includes real-time interactions that allow you to compare and share information with friends, as well as check your score comparatively worldwide.

Within three years of its launching, Walkup has reached over six million users, over 400,000 active daily users, a monthly attention rate of plus 30 percent, and 2.4 million visits per day.

As virtual-reality continues to become integrated, it is believed that AI will become a crucial new growth point economically. The extent of AI in related industries, such as entertainment, healthcare, and societally, is yet to be seen but is projected to become a component in all sectors, in some form or another.