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Game Projects Built on Jason's Own Code Base

Years of Experience in Technology

Formats for Gaming: Mobile Phones, Tablets, Desktops

Jason Martell originally published an interview with IdeaMensch on his latest app release: Blast.

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Jason Martell is an entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in the technology space. A cofounder of multiple successful companies spanning numerous industries, Jason is particularly interested in gaming technology.

Over the course of his career Jason Martell has cultivated an extensive breadth of knowledge by building online experiences for some of the world’s most recognized brands. His foundation in UX, UI, Mobile, Creative and Interactive technology has also informed his approach to gaming — resulting in fun, easy-to-use games available on mobile phones, tablets, or computers.

Jason spent much of his early career programming video games from scratch using Adobe Flash technology. In 2007 he was recognized by Forbes as a “leader in streaming video and interactive flash applications.” He has a deep understanding of interaction design geared towards game play dynamics, and has given lectures and trained others how to design and code video games.

Jason Martell has created several successful gaming engines that power some of the top games used by broadcast television networks and motion picture studios, such as NBC and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., respectively. Some of his most successful game projects, all built on his own code base, include:

Booya Media, Jason Martell’s current gaming company, also has a collection of games that are built in the latest HTML5 technology so that the games work on all devices. He mainly uses Unity3d to develop games. Unity is the best software available for building games today since users can export their code into all the formats needed from desktop to mobile. Since Jason founded Booya, the company has become one of the leading gaming engines for social and mobile gaming. It has been featured in ID, Communication, CIO and Forbes.

Jason Martell has also patented systems and methods to facilitate investments through interactive online gaming.

This blog will cover updates in the gaming industry, from buzzworthy games to the technological advances that power them. Stay tuned!

More About Jason Martell

In addition to gaming, Jason Martell is a known innovator and entrepreneurial pioneer in FinTech, or financial technology. Through a deep understanding of UX and UI, he helps design financial technologies that will be user-friendly and manageable. Perhaps his most notable work in FinTech thus far, Jason Martell cofounded — and was the third employee of — FinTech giant Jason lead the product team throughout building and designing the product, beta-testing it, and finally releasing it on the market. is now the top investment app on the market with over 1 million active users and praise from Nerdwallet calling it a “robo-advisor,” in the way that it automatically invests spare change for its users.

Following the massive success of, Jason Martell is currently working on another startup that will be the next disruptive product for financial technology. One roadblock that traditional FinTech companies have met is their inability to “gamify” their products in a way that users will want to use, which helps build a large user base. Because of his background and interest in user experience, Jason Martell and his team are looking to incorporate gaming elements into their product to appeal to a wider audience and boost engagement on the app itself.

Alongside his work at, throughout his career Jason Martell has also worked for New American Funding as well as Smart Credit. In both of these ventures, as in Acorns, Jason’s primary role was working on ways to improve the user experience. At Smart Credit, he was also responsible for handling calculated redesigns of both the website and the mobile app to help users be able to more securely view credit information.

Outside of his work in gaming tech and FinTech, Jason Martell is also one of the leading researchers and lecturers specializing in ancient civilization technologies. He has penned numerous books, appeared on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens for nine years, and is now planning international research expeditions.